The BICYCLE IN THE PLANS Campaign is organized in Brazil by the associations Bike Anjo and UCBUnião de Ciclistas do Brasil , supported by ICS – Instituto Clima e Sociedade, whose purpose is to engage civil society, citizens, municipality officials and decision-making agents and politicians on INCLUDING BICYCLES as mode of transportation in urban planning, AS PART OF THE URBAN MOBILITY PLANS.

Developing municipal or regional Urban Mobility Plans is among the requirements of the National Urban Mobility Policy (Federal Law 12,587/2012) for Brazilian cities with more than 20 thousand inhabitants (in addition to other requirements provided for by law).

As to start on this engagement, we developed a Guide called INCLUDING BICYCLE IN THE PLANS together with Transporte Ativo, which contains examples of targets and objectives towards ensuring that bicycles are part of the Urban Mobility Plans, as a mode of transport, thereby integrating them to other transportation systems, both to offer safety for the cyclists and to effectively involve the community in the development of such plans.

Click on the image to download the Guide and enjoy the ride/reading!

IMPORTANT: This Guide was developed taking into consideration the Brazilian context and translating it is a way of sharing our knowledge with other countries, so as to further the exchange of information and inspire group, collectives, initiatives and/or organizations that wish to replicate the initiative.

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